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代訂租車 Rent a Car


We can arrange proper car rental and give you advice on your transportation. Even if you ride a scooter, you don’t have to worry about your luggage! Our car rental partners can help you transporting your luggage to our place. All you need to do is to pick up/return your car at the airport or ferry! Doesn’t it sound Good? Just let us know how many vehicles and car type you have in mind and we will give you best suggestion!

我在金門需要租車嗎?Do I have to rent a vehicle in Kinmen?


Kinmen is the biggest offshore island of Taiwan. Many visitors underestimated the area and thought that they could travel on bike. In fact, Kinmen is a island with rolling hills. The common way to commute is by scooter and car. The buses run on a fixed schedule and visitors may be a little confused by the routes. For those without a valid driver license or those who just don’t want to ride or drive, travelling by bus/bike is still a way to enjoy Kinmen and relatively it’s more time and effort-consuming.

一定要請民宿代訂還是我可以自己訂?Do I have to rely on you or I can book the car by myself?


Definitely you can arrange your rental car by yourself!! While we are assisting you to book a car, we will keep high attention on our partners for your luggage transportation and also we will make sure the your rental order is secured in case that all cars are booked during the holidays.

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