To ensure a safe and comfortable stay for all guests, kindly follow these simple house rules:

[Check-in & Check-out]
Check-in: after 3 p.m. ~ DO NOT ENTER THE ROOM BEFORE 3 p.m.
Check-out: before 10 a.m.~ DO NOT STAY IN THE ROOM AFTER 10 a.m.
#You are allowed to use the common area of the building before check-in and after check-out. Please ask for our permission in advance.
#Please self-check-in. If you need help, we can offer assistance (service fee @NT$200). We use a pass-code lockbox. You will receive your code via email or SMS prior your arrival.
#Breakfast time: 7:30am-9:30am. If you order breakfast, please enjoy it in the common area inside the guesthouse. We will have name card for your seating. If you don’t order breakfast, please refrain from mistaking other’s order. We suggest you enjoy your breakfast as early as possible. If your food turns cold, feel free to reheat it in our kitchenette. Please refrain from mistaking other guest’s order if you did not order breakfast.
#Late check-out rate: per hour NT$300/ over 3 hours per room’s daily rate

[Occupancy and Visitors]
Please inform the total no. of your group for our convenience to prepare your meal and proper room.
Your visitors are welcome at our guesthouse. To maintain our guesthouse’s comfort and respect neighbors, visitors shall leave before 10. p.m.
If more people are staying overnight than on the order, extra charge of NT$500/per person per night shall apply.

[Traditional Southern Chinese Style Guesthouse (Siheyuan)]
We are a Siheyuan guesthouse in the Kinmen National Park. To preserve our traditional beauty and respect neighbors, smoking, barbecuing, cooking with fire, chewing betel nuts, gambling and talking in high volume are forbidden. Penalties shall be imposed for the violation of house rules.

[Going Green]
The trash on this island will be shipped in cargo to Taiwan to process and shipped back the ashes to bury. This is a high-cost and non-environmentally friendly yet necessary procedure for us.  To reduce waste, please follow the recycle instruction. We also will not take the initiative to offer one-time-use product such as hotel toothbrushes, paper cups, etc.
We provide one comforter for each bed. If you need additional comforter, please let us know in advance for us to prepare. Extra cleaning fee will incur (1 comforter/NT$200).

★Strictly NO smoking in the room or anywhere in the entire building or on the grounds of the property. Smoking related damage [including smell from tobacco smoke] will require cleaning and repair, with relevant fees assessed.

★Strictly NO fire inside the premise. (smoking, barbecue, etc.)

★Strictly NO additional people in the guesthouse without permission.

★Strictly NO eating or drinking on the bed

★Strictly NO shoes and slippers are allowed on the staircase and attic.

★Strictly NO using stuff like stains.

★When you spill something, be sure to wipe it and don’t leave traces.

★Refer to the aouncement or guidebook in the room for how to separate garbage.

★If you need free parking, please inform me in advance. Then I will give you detail information. However, if you park your car at the wrong spot, your car may be towed at your own expense. So, please pay attention.

★Wash tableware and kitchenware you have used.

★Flush toilet paper only. No napkins and diapers. But do not use too much paper or it causes the toilet flood.

★Do not rearrange the furniture/appliances and please keep the property clean.

★Always close the windows and lock the door when you leave the room and do not leave personal belongings in the common area. I will not be liable for any loss or damage to your personal properties.

★Turn off all the light and electricity when you leave the house or you don’t use.

★Do not take anything home with you.

★A penalty of NT$10,000 shall be imposed for the following violation of house rules through your credit card.

  1. If there is any indication that you smoked within the property.
  2. If there is any complaint from neighbors, concerned citizens, or even the police about any kind of noise and disturbance.
  3. If you go into the different or wrong building, house, guesthouse or room. ☆RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS/OUR OTHER GUESTS☆
  4. If you throw away large items such as old suitcases.
  5. If I find any irremovable stains after you check out.
  6. If I find anything broken, burnt, damaged or missing after you check out.
  7. If I find parking violation.


※My cleaning staff always checks the whole house to make sure there’s no malfunction, damage or loss before you check in.※

※Unless you report anything wrong when you check in, everything happens during your stay will be your responsibility.※

Kindly treat my property as if it is your own.

Thank you for your cooperation and I wish you a superb stay here!

[Book and Payment]
We accept bookings via telephone, email and online request. Please go to our room page and book directly or you can contact us for assistance. We do not require a deposit. Instead, we ask for your credit card details for pre-authorization to secure your booking.

Via telephone
Phone hours is between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. We will hold your reservation for 3 days. Within 3 days please provide your credit card details to secure your booking. Overdue reservation will be canceled without further notice.

Via email
After you receive our confirmation letter, within 3 days please provide your credit card details to secure your booking. Overdue reservation will be canceled without further notice.

Via our online booking system
After you receive our confirmation letter (please note that it’s not a automatic copy of your booking request), within 3 days please provide your credit card details to secure your booking. Overdue reservation will be canceled without further notice.

Pay with Credit Cards
Please provide credit card holder name, number and valid date.

Our Account Info
Beneficiary’s Bank Name and Add.: Bank SinoPac(SWIFT Code:SINOTWTP)
No.36, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei City 10489, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Beneficiary’s Name: Chunghwa Post-Change, Yu Chun
Beneficiary’s A/C No.: 70024415000295460
Beneficiary’s Tel No.: 0979316085
Currency: CNY, USD, HKD, or EUR only
Correspondent/Intermediary Bank:
a. 美元(USD) :中國工商銀行紐約分行(SWIFT Code:ICBKUS33)。
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, New York, USA
b. 人民幣(CNY):中國工商銀行北京分行(SWIFT Code:ICBKCNBJ)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing, China
(從大陸地區匯入,請加註大額支付行號CNAPS No.:1021-0009-9996)。
c. 港幣(HKD):永豐銀行香港分行(SWIFT Code:SINOHKHH)。
Bank SinoPac, Hong Kong Branch, Hong Kong
d. 歐元(EUR):中國工商銀行法蘭克福分行(SWIFT Code:ICBKDEFF)。
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Frankfurt, Germany

#We request that you forward a scan copy of bank / wire transfer transaction receipt for our records. Once wire transfer amount is received at the bank (in 2-3 working days), your reservation confirmation letter shall be forwarded.
#We accept credit cards      
#We are pet-friendly. Guests shall inform us and obtain our approval before arrival. We will charge extra NT$100/per night per pet.

[Cancellation Policy]In Accordance With the regulation of Taiwan Tourism Bureau
1. Total paid amount shall be hold and use within 1 year if a cancellation occurred prior arrival day.
2. No payment shall be refunded if a cancellation occurred the arrival day or no show.
3. If you would like to change your date after paying any payment, please notice us in advance. Above cancellation policy shall apply as well.
4. Failure of arrival due to unpredictable factors such as typhoon, March-May fog season or delay by plane or ferry, we accept free date change and full refund.
5. If you pay to our bank account, the refund will be return to your account. If you pay with a credit card, the refund will be return to your card.
6. For Taiwan national holidays, we require a the minimum of 2-nights booking.

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